Soul Pursuit

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Soul Pursuit is located in South Central Los Angeles but does not play soul music. It is a community center that provides a great venue for soul singers to perform and to meet others who love soul. This place provides not only great entertainment but also provides information about the blues. This is also a good place to meet other musicians.

Soul Pursuit was performing all over So. Californ. For more than 20 years now and offers a variety of music for the listening and dancing pleasure. Music includes Top 40, Motown, Disco, Latin/Rock Roll, and many others. They also have a blues section for the ones that enjoy the older forms. There are several free lessons for guitar and vocal lessons.

Soul Pursuit plays a varied schedule and can be hard to find sometimes. There is usually a performance the week of each month at either our location or several other locations. Most of the performances are original and special. A few are cover songs from albums that are available for sale at our store. Most of the blues, jazz, rhythm, and blues, and country music are original.

The owners and organizers encourage audience participation. If you are interested in being a part of this community, or just want to attend one of the Soul Pursuit performances, there are several ways to get involved. For a monthly contribution to the organization you can choose from the many volunteer opportunities. You can help set up, lighten, or take part in many of the scheduled performances. If you are a talented singer or musician you can sing at a free open mic night.

If you love to perform live then you should consider joining the Soul Pursuit Team. The team consists of a five person rotating cast that performs together at set times during the week. When you become a team member you are guaranteed a spot on the stage at a specified time. You will be given the opportunity to perform for an audience. You also have the chance to perform solo. You will be given training on how to do both.

Soul Pursuit has won many awards, including Best Music Group. They have also won many local competitions, including Best Group and several categories in the larger national competitions. Many local radio stations and publications have also featured them. The band has also performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

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