Is a 200 Gallon Fish Tank a Good Choice?

Written by Lyle Ferrara on September 28, 2021 in Uncategorized with no comments.

When choosing a 200 Gallon Fish Tank the common question is, “How much water do I need?” An easy answer is, “Don’t count on it.” As with anything else, a too-small tank will usually have problems with the overgrowth of certain types of fish. However, if you put a lot of thought into your tank selection, you shouldn’t have any surprises. Your local pet store will be able to help you figure out how many gallons of water you need based on the size of your tank and the types of fish you plan to stock it with.

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Many fish will live happily in a medium-sized tank, provided it has proper sized and deep enough aquarium gravel. These fish are very active swimmers and will take up nearly all of the space. They eat a lot, so you’ll need to refill your water frequently. This type of fish will also be a top feeder, so you’ll need to feed them often.

Fish that should never be kept together are large fish, such as sharks and peacocks. You can find these in pet shops and from local breeders. They can cause a lot of problems for your tank, because their natural predatory habits mean that they’ll target other fish. If you don’t mind their company, these are good fish to have in your tank. Otherwise they might eat all your happy fish!

It’s not just the fish that you should consider; you also need to select the right substrate to go with it. Some gravels grow too fast for the environment of your tank. This means the water can become dirty quickly, which isn’t good for your fish. The slower the growth, the more stable the substrate should be. This way you can be sure the fish will have healthy gills and enough space to swim about.

You’ll also want to think about your lighting. If your tank is small, you may find your lights are the only source of light. So you’ll probably want to supplement them with extra fluorescent lights. If you have bigger tanks, you may find you need high-intensity lights, or even fluorescent lamps. Make sure you do this to ensure the fish you get will have proper lighting for healthy growth.

Now let’s talk about compatibility. A lot of people wonder if fish of different varieties will be healthy or be a good mix. Sometimes it depends on the strain of the fish as well. For example, a strain that’s more aggressive will need more aggressive fish in the tank, so if you get this type, you may have to choose another type of fish. However, some breeds are very good together. You’ll find you’ll have a better time keeping them if you have a mix of breeds that are compatible.

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll be ready to pick out your tank. The next step is putting in the water and getting everything setup. Then you’ll have to make sure the fish are eating and have enough space to move around. If you’re getting fish that are younger, you may have to take them out for a few days to give them a chance to acclimate to the tank. A 200 gallon tank is going to be a good choice for a beginning aquarist or a beginner, especially if they’re not sure how to properly set up a tank.

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